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Our Services

Clairvoyant Intuitive- The power of connecting to your spirit team is wonderful to answer everyday questions, as well as ex[and your spritual growth. As a facilitator and channeler of spirit messages, I can help you do that. You are never alone, and asking questions is an important part of working with your team. My work includes connecting to your Higher Self and guides through psychic channeling, tarot cards, numerology and pendulim work. What comes through for you is often warm, loving and transformative. The mesages are always for your highest growth. Blessings

Mediumship/Past Lives- Experience insights from your loved ones and/or ancestors in spirit. What do they want to share with you? How are they using their time now? Mediumship is a wonderful validation of the continuation of life. You will be able to ask questions of them at the end of the session. Past life readings may be meaningful in many different ways, including: *help you to understand: why you are attracted to certain people and geographical locations *how you are connected to certain relationships you have now *how your soul has evolved from past incarnations To access your past life/lives, I channel messages, use the tarot and your birth name. Blessings

Energy Healing- Enjoy the spa like feeling when you have an energy healing session. These healings can help you get back to wholeness. My multi- modality sessions are designed with your needs, your energetic blueprint and your circumstances in mind. We will work on your chakras with Chakra balancing and Crystal Therapy. Trance Healing is a very powerful method of spiritual healing, because the healing comes directly from Spirit. I ususally combine them for best results. The sessions are easily and effectively done remotely. You will receive the same benefits to help clear blockages and treat chronic concerns, which show up in your energy field. Blessings

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