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Hide and Seek

Mark Horn, Ohio

“Tara Ventura’s work helped me get clear on an internal shift happening in my personal and professional life. Tara’s ability to listen from her heart, and gently share insights with me from that same heart-centered space, confirmed and opened up possibilities for me I never knew existed”.  Mark Horn ~ “Liquid Life Soutions”."

Virginia Goszewska, Austin

“Spot on intuition. Uncanny vision to unveil hidden blocks. Creates a wide swath of clarity… all while being positive, caring and uplifting. Gentle yet profound, a Magical Matrix session with Tara Ventura is a gift for which I’m grateful. Thanks, Tara, for an energetically enlivening session which opened many doors to make my dreams come true” .      

Leora Gardner, N.C.

“Tara is an intuitive and energy healer who is clairvoyant, sensitive, powerfully dynamic and who worked with my strengths to help me create powerful manifestation from the universe and the divine in my life.  She is able to help with energy and chakra blockages and to visualize the future and the past as well as to help holographically bring you into your ideal manifestation of you true desires for the greatest good in your life.”
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