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Thank you so much for visiting this page.  I am honored that you have made it this far so there must be a reason you resonate with me. The first thing I want you to know about me is that I will support and empower you to create new possibilities and clarity your upmost questions.   


Since childhood I have felt the intuitive urge due to unexpected dramatic life experiences, such as an NDE at the age of 7 years.  Through dreams and sudden burst of intuitive knowing, I have received many precognitive messages, some that are linked to global events. As time moved forward,  I honored my abilities and gifts, and studied with teachers and Masters, who I will list below.  


As a Teacher, Clairvoyant Psychic, Numerologist, Medium, Channel and Healing energy practitioner, I weave different modalities, knowing everyone's circumstances are unique. My sessions are designed for you to receive new guidance, unravel hidden issues, and clear blocks so you feel clarity.  I profoundly enjoy teaching interactive Psychic Development and Channeling classes. Clients have said their experience with my intuitive services are compassionate, informative, and transformational.


I've had the honor to  host my own internet radio show called The Sixth Sense on BBS radio, where I gave readings, as well as interviewed wonderful intuitives, psychic mediums and spiritualists. I've also been interviewed on podcasts and written Numerology posts for www.jenningswire online magazine.


"Tara’s vision is to help others create a life full of health, spiritual joy and unimagined possibilities".

Classes and Certifications"

*Matrix Energetics with founder Richard Bartlett

*Mediumship with Tony Stockwell, ACUI

*Trance Healing, Speaking and Communication with Simone Key, ACUI

*Numerology with Master Ruth Drayer

*Miracles Coaching- Joe Vitale

*Psychic, Mediumship with Joe Nichols 

*Crystal Healing & Gridding with Nicole Shields


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