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Tara Ventura

Spiritual Intuitive  Teacher  Healer

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The power of resonating with your spirit guides and Higher Self is important to receive answers, as well as provide you spiritual growth. I can help you feel their presence. I will be a conduit to recieve guidance from your team. The messages are warm, compassionate and inviting. Guides come in the form of aura colors, visuals, personalities and thought forms. My intuitive work includes connecting to your Higher Self and Guide through..Channeled Messages, Tarot, Pendulum work, and Intuitive Numerology. I will blend them together for you specifically. Blessings

Experience the insights that your loved ones in the spirit world want to share with you. Hear evidence it is them communicating, and what they are doing now. You will have the chance to ask questions for them. Mediumship provides validation of the continuation of life. A Past Life reading may help you to: *understand your life now, hobbies, interest *why certain geographical areas resonate with you *the importance of realtionships you have *what you learned in spirit before you incarnate to this life *your soul growth Blesings

Receive the spa like feeling and optimism with energy healing. Trance healing is a very powerful method of healing because the healing energy comes from Spirit. Chakra Balancing and Crystal Therapy focuses on channeling energy into your chakras, your energetic being, to remove negative feelings, thoughts and physical ailments. I may combine healing methods for more benefits. They can effectively and easily all be done remotely, and you don't have to do a thing. Blessings

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Welcome to My Services!  I am grateful that you have landed on this page, and have interest in how I may be of assistance to you. 

If your still not sure yet, please feel free to schedule a 15 minute consultation with me by calling or texting me at 512-203-6320

Thank you~ I look forward to meeting you!

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I offer a variety of intuitive and healing sessions. Choose yours.

  • Intuitive Reading

    Valid for one month
    • Session for spiritual messages
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