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My Sessions


Energy healing balance 

Chakra Alignment, Crystal Therapy and Trance Healing are wonderful for a feeling of wholeness. 

The sessions are Dimensional, Spirit and Chakra based to balance energy centers so that you feel optimally better: physically psychologically, mentally and emotionally.

My multi-modality sessions are designed with your needs, energetic blueprint, and your circumstances in mind.  

Clairvoyant Intuitive Sessions

I'm an Intuitive Clairvoyant who channels messages from your Collective Consciousness.  When connecting to your team, my intuitive work includes Channeling, Tarot, Intuitive Numerology, Crystal Scrying and Pendulum work to help you get questions answered.  You will feel more connected, calm and aware of new insights and opportunities regarding your purpose, spiritual growth, relationships.


Mediumship and Past Lives

During a a mediumship reading, experience love, acknowledgement and communication from those that have passed to the spirit world.  These connections help validate the continuation of life, and are healing, and a gift for those who yearn to bring closure.  

Past Life readings connect the dots to help you understand why you resonate with certain people, understand your current interests, attracted to geographical locations and purpose of why you incarnated.


“Tara’s mediumship reading for me was on point about a recent event in my life. This felt supportive & affirming for me. There’s nothing like being affirmed when you’ve recently stepped out of your comfort zone. And she brought through a relative I recognized through clear evidence about him. The reading was sweet & gentle in the way it inspired me to remember my softer feminine side, as I move out of my comfort zone. I appreciated that so much!

Donna Barton

“I am blown away by my session with Tara Ventura.  Her counsel and wisdom was exactly what I needed.  She confirmed many aspects of myself that I was too timid to “own,” allowing me to move into a more confident space to in allowing my intuitive gifts.

Tracy King 

“Spot on intuition. Uncanny vision to unveil hidden blocks. Creates a wide swath of clarity… all while being positive, caring and uplifting. Gentle yet profound, a Magical Matrix session with Tara Ventura is a gift for which I’m grateful. Thanks, Tara, for an energetically enlivening session which opened many doors to make my dreams come true” .      Virginia Goszewska,

Virginia Goszewska

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